Multistate Association for Bilingual Education, Northeast

A nonprofit organization for  educators, families, and policy makers

(formerly known as Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education)


Advocacy - (being understood) combines respect for all participants with the courage to speak your voice, share your insights, and advance the dialogue towards a new understanding of the whole. (L.R. Beaumont)

  Current Initiatives: LOOK ACT regulations

Public Comment for English Language Benchmarks

Public Comment for the Bilingual Education Endorsement

Public Comment for the Seal of Biliteracy Regulations

Language Opportunity Coalition 

Seal of Biliteracy Pathway and Distinguished Program Awards Pilot

  • Year 3 of awarding the Seal of Biliteracyan award given by a school or school district in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in English and a second language.

Other Initiatives:

Bilingualism is a GIFT! 

  • An initiative by the Watertown Public School encouraging families to use their home language everyday. 

Guidance for Defining and Implementing Two-Way Immersion and Transitional Bilingual Education Programs, 2016  (Note: This document is currently being revised and will be available in SY'2018)

  • A collaboration project with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, this document provides greater detail about the key components of effective DLE and TBE programs, highlighting what DLE and TBE programs are and how they can be implemented successfully. 
Academic Success Stories of Dual Language Programs in Massachusetts

Guidance in the Assessment and Eligibility Process for Special Education Services

  • Members of the Dual Language Special Education Network submitted input to the Draft document "Is Special Education the Right Service?"  Read feedback submitted March 30, 2016

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