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(formerly known as Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education)

Dual Language Educator License

MABE is strongly advocating for a new license for Dual Language Educators (DLE) in Massachusetts.  

"Highly qualified TWI teachers not only have a knowledge base about language, literacy, and learning that expands beyond that of a traditional mainstream teacher, but they also have a passionate belief in the importance of bilingualism. TWI teachers must have the teaching skills and theoretical understandings of bilingualism and second language teaching. This knowledge base includes strategies for native language and literacy teaching, second language and literacy teachings, teaching for bilingualism, integrating language and content, and differentiated instruction. An understanding of the fundamental nature of bilingualism and biliteracy as distinct from monolingualism and literacy development in two separate languages is essential. This sociocultural nature of two groups of learners co-constructing knowledge of two languages, literacy and cultural systems is a different process than teachers would likely have experienced as teachers in a mainstream English-based classroom. Teachers must also be flexible and have good interpersonal skills." (de Jong & Evans)

Description of Dual Language Educator: Competencies, Knowledge and Skills (organized by TESOL Teacher Education Standards)

Comparison of ESL License and Dual Language Educator License

Rationale for the Need of a Dual Language Educator Endorsement - April 2017
Preparing Teachers to Work Effectively in Dual Language Programs in Connecticut - Liz Howard
TEACHER PREP PROGRAM in Southern New England


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