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Dual Language NEW Program Design, Components and Structure


  • To engage a school leadership team in information gathering, reflection, discussion and decision-making during the start-up phase of implementing a dual language program model.

Recommended Attendees:

  • School leadership team (principal of school that will house program), staff members of school that will house program, members of school board or school committee, parent representatives from both language groups.

Description of Presentation:

The presentation session will address the following questions:

    • What is a dual language program?
      • Non-negotiable criteria
      • Different program models, components and structure
    • Why is a dual language program being considered?
      • What is the motivation?
      • What does research say?
      • Benefits and challenges
    • How is the foundation built for implementation?
      • Decision-making tool
      • Community/staff education/buy-in
      • Professional development for all staff

Schedule An Event 

  • Contact us at for more information if your district/school site leadership  would like to participate in this exciting event! 

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