Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education

A nonprofit organization for  educators, families, and policy makers

MABE has joined other community and professional organizations in building this coalition to support opportunities for language learning and academic achievement for students of all ages in Massachusetts.

Information in Legislative Cycle 2017-18

Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Kay Khan have submitted the Seal of Biliteracy (SD1122/HD924).  New bill numbers have been assigned.  H.285/S.311 An Act to promote global trade and economic development through biliteracy have been referred to the Joint Committee on Education.

Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Tony Cabral have submitted the LOOK bill (SD155/HD3537 (named An Act to reform English language learning education).  Read more about this update. 

The list of Co-sponsors for the Seal of Biliteracy bill can be viewed here. 

The list of Co-sponsors for the HD3537 An Act to reform English language learning education can be viewed here.

Information from Legislative Cycle 2015-16
Rhode Island Update:
Rhode Island passes Seal of Biliteracy June 14, 2016!

Massachusetts Statehouse Hearing June 21, 2016

Demand for Bilingual Workers in Massachusetts More than Doubled in 5 years, Report Shows
On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) joined business leaders and education advocates from the Language Opportunity Coalition at the Massachusetts State House to call for the creation of a state Seal of Biliteracy.
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Research Brief: The Growing Need for Bilingual Workers in the Massachusetts Economy
As employers strive to increase their competitiveness in the global economy, they are increasingly seeking candidates who have the language skills necessary to communicate with a diverse customer base, and with operations and competitors overseas. This research brief explores the growing demand for bilingual talent in Massachusetts from some of the state’s biggest industries and employers, and highlights the need to attract and promote language diversity in Massachusetts’ workforce among both foreign-born and U.S.-born workers
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  Advocacy Articles:
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