Multistate Association for Bilingual Education, Northeast

A nonprofit organization for  educators, families, and policy makers

(formerly known as Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education)

Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles


Bilingualism and multiculturalism are assets that provide cognitive, social, emotional, educational, and employment advantages for all students.


We identify, promote and disseminate research-based programs and practices 

that support bilingualism and multiculturalism for educational success.


Bilingualism and multiculturalism requires…

1.    Explicit policy at the district, state, and regional level.

2.    Systematic and strategic implementation of instructional methods that promote bilingualism and multiculturalism.

3.    Preparation of all educators to effectively teach the diverse populations of today and tomorrow.

4.    Collaboration and networking among educators, families, and communities for student success.

5.    Development of continuous research that builds and expands on the current knowledge base.

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