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Licensed by BCLB, mCHEZA Kenya was founded in Kenya in the year 2015. It provides a betting forum where bettors can try their luck at a wide selection of international events.

You can place bets on live bets, game sports, casino games, and virtual sports.

For game sports, foot ball is their popular betting sport, additionally, you can play other games. You can place bets on motorsports, snooker, futsal, and darts

Another appealing feature of mCHEZA is its high odds for multi bets.

How to Bet with MCHEZA

Before you can play any betting game with the bookmaker mCHEZA, you first need to register to become a member. Wagers can use their mobile devices or PCs to register.

If you are using a mobile phone, you will first be required to download the mCHEZA mobile app on your phone to facilitate your registration process.

The app will also assist you to be able to place bets on your favorite games.

If you are using a computer, then visit the MCHEZA Kenya website and start the registration process. To sign up, complete the registration form by filling in your personal details, your country of residence and providing a password.

Please note that you need a good internet connection to access the MCHEZA website.

However, there is no need to be concerned if your internet connection is unreliable. In this regard, then use your mobile phone to place bets.

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MCHEZA Bonuses

Although at the moment the company doesn’t have a welcome bonus to new members, it has a Multi bet bonus for wagers who place bets on more than five matches.

Bonuses come with restrictions and therefore you should read the company’s terms and conditions on Multibet bonuses.

mCHEZAJI, How about a 150% payout on your winning multibet

Why MCHEZA is a Popular Bookmaker in Kenya?

Unlike other betting sites in Kenya, MCHEZA Kenya offers wagers unique sports games. As a wager, you can place bets on a wide range of sporting events including mixed martial arts, squash, and curling. In addition, you can also bet on League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

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How to Manage Your MCHEZA account

Before placing a bet, deposit money by sending a betting amount to the MCHEZA Kenya Mpesa pay bill number. You can deposit any amount of money in your MCHEZA betting account.

Betting amounts will be deducted from the account when you place bets. You can view your deposit balances at your MCHEZA online profile.

To place a bet, first visit the then identify the games of your favorite team. You can place either a single bet or a multi bet.

If you are doing a multi bet, then go to the bottom of the games you have selected, there is a section where you can type the total amount of money you are placing for the multi bets.

Please note that bets can only be canceled in the first ten minutes after the bet has been placed and before the match. You can do this by SMS as indicated on the website.

For lucky MCHEZA winners, or if you wish to withdraw your deposit, simply SMS the word “cash-out” and the amount to be cashed out to the betting company’s number 29888.

The minimum stake amount a wager can place on a bet is Kshs.50. While its maximum payout is Kshs.13,300.00.

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MCHEZA Live Betting

There is an extensive selection of sports on the MCHEZA Live Betting platform. Look for live betting events under upcoming events. Worth noting, football is the most popular sport.

Following Your Live Bets

You can follow your bets through the MCHEZA live score app feature. The app also features games that are playing and allows you to do live betting as well.

You can place bets on various activities in the game including double chance bets, match result, 3-way Handicap for the game match result among others.

Popular Competition Page

To simplify your betting process, MCHEZA live betting has a popular competition page on its website. The page lists the most popular games in the season that will happen in the next two or three days for your convenience.

Here you will find popular clubs listed including Italian Serie A, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue among others. You can also look for clubs where your favorite football player like Messi is playing.

popular clubs including Italian Serie A, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue among others

mCHEZA Cashout Feature

One of the unique features of MCHEZA is the cashout option. When betting on either a pre-match or live betting, the organization gives an option to cash out your bet before the match comes to an end.

There are never guarantees in betting and the same applies to cash out. Your team may win or lose. As such, cashing out a bet is not necessarily a good option because your team can end up winning, which may make you regret it.

Pros of mCHEZA

  • Various bonuses for playing multiple games
  • Unique sporting events offered to wagers
  • Simplified registration process
  • It is an easy to manage account
  • You can make deposits easily through Mcheza’s Mpesa pay bill number
  • Help available through their customer service
  • MCHEZA Cashout feature
  • Live betting

Cons of mCHEZA

  • No welcome bonus
  • Low maximum payout
  • esports and horse racing not available for betting

Contact mCHEZA

If you are new at betting, you can get overwhelmed by the betting process. MCHEZA offers excellent customer support to its members, responding to customer queries fast.

Feel free to contact mCHEZA Kenya through their website Most of the information you need to place a successful bet is available on their website.

That said, you can use the company’s “Help Section” on their website to get assisted to register.

Alternatively, you can contact them via their email, telephone or social media channels. They have active Facebook and Twitter networks.


With a wide selection of betting games for bettors from all over the globe, you will enjoy being a member of MCHEZA. You can do in-play or live betting. Besides, you can do single or multi-bets.

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